14 January 2011

Chasing Pavements

Tonight brought the first run of the year, ill health and bad weather has meant it has been almost a month since our last outing. During the late afternoon text messages were exchanged with Garden Girl and our running date was confirmed.

It was my first chance to try out my new Skins compression top (photographs are not available) and Mrs F was giving her ipod shuffle a run, pardon the pun, for the first time. Both were deemed to be a success.

We stuck to our usual route and maintained a steady pace and managed to keep going all the way round, running for 26 minutes non stop. 

Not exactly a marathon but we were very happy. If G reads this or if N tells him about it, he will wonder what we are so pleased about (G is a triathlon legend for whom we have massive respect).

Our plan is to get back to our early December level of fitness and then enter into some 5k races and hopefully raise some money for charity at the same time.

We have celebrated our success with M+S dinner, Sauvignon Blanc and Lindt chocolate.

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha! G says "the hardest distance is the one to the start of the run" - in manner of wise Chinese-type philosopher, and says 26 mins non stop is extremely good.

    I say the Lindt, M&S, Sauvignon combo sounds like the real winner.