13 January 2011

Press 2 if you get the chance

I wasn’t planning a mid week blog, but this morning’s experience with my car insurance company has led to one.

5th February heralds the renewal of the car insurance, and therefore over this last week I have been trawling through the comparison websites, the one with the opera singer, who is apparently the genuine article from the Royal Opera, the one the meerkat and the one that I am amazed Peter Jones of Dragons Den fame feels he needs to promote.  I also looked at the sites that tell you can only deal with them direct. It transpires that this is because they are twice as costly as those on the comparison sites. I digress.

The results after the search showed that my current insurance company were the cheapest again, a slight increase on last year, but with the increase in VAT it was acceptable and I was all set to renew at a figure of £255. On my return home yesterday I had received a missive from my insurers saying that my policy would be renewed automatically, I didn’t need to do anything, and it would only cost me £295 this year!

Hmmm, at least Dick Turpin wore a mask.

I called them first thing this morning ready for battle, and within the automated telephone menu I heard the option I was hoping for…

‘Press 2 if you are thinking of leaving us’

Once you hear this phrase you know you are going to have a result. When you select option 2 you are put through to the pleasant, well spoken, mature people who want to retain your business and try their upmost to help you. Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of the South African accented lady who helped me this morning at the large insurance company based in Bournemouth. She was excellent and provided me with a quote for £234.
Happy days


  1. I usually go through a broker, and get them to do all the schlepping around for us...but I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't do a bit of trawling of my own, to see how they're doing.

    We love the meerkats in this house. C got their autoboigraphy for Christmas. Yes, really!

  2. What shall we spend the money we saved on??!