3 January 2011

3, 2, 1........Go

After several years of reading the blogs of others and occasionally writing on All things lovely, I thought it was about that I made a contribution.  

Most evenings I return home and tell Garden Girl the tales from my day and these together with my love of books, films, music, comedy, food, wine, running, taking photos and Cornwall, will form the basis of my ramblings.

I plan to have my first blog ‘proper’ online next weekend.

To bring things up to date, we have just had a busy December like most people, but also fitting in a wedding anniversary which we celebrated in Covent Garden

and my birthday which we spent in prison,

albeit a very special prison - Malmaison

The truth behind my blogging is, that I was looking for excuse to buy a Moleskine, lined reporters notebook.

1 comment:

  1. who knew that prison life could be so glamorous? underfloor heating and free toiletries aplenty. The cocktails and catering were pretty darn impressive too!x