8 January 2011

Back in the old routine

This first week of January has been like a week of Mondays, get through the day, get home, get something to eat and get to bed. It may be because I have just started my 40th year. Having said that, it is good to be back into a routine.

This week has had its highlights,

England have won the Ashes in Australia (I am happy to discuss this in depth with anyone who is interested. Anyone?). Particularly enjoyed the fact that at as England were about to seal this historic victory, Radio 4 went to a shipping forecast, missing the vital wicket.

I have finished a great book, ‘The Burning Girl’ by Mark Billingham, which is the fourth book in a series starring DI Tom Thorne in pursuit of another murder suspect.  If you like crime thrillers, DI Thorne is worth a read, start with ‘Sleepyhead’.

I have started a great book, ‘Nothing to lose’ by Lee Child. I am sure that the hero Jack Reacher, is aimed at the boys, an ex army major wandering across the USA righting all the wrongs. One of my favourite writers, worth a try.

I have been watching episodes of Yes Minister on DVD, which was a Christmas gift. Apart from the excellent writing and delivery, what struck me is, what comedy writers saw a satire 30 years ago has somehow become a ‘how to guide’ for modern politicians.

I have returned a pair of Timberland boots and a Fat Face jacket, which makes me about £120 better off, the perils of online sales shopping. (I am glossing over the fact that I have ordered another pair of boots). On the subject of sales, do men actually shop at Boden? My theory is that the chaps clothes are aimed at the ladies who buy for their men. Real men shop at Crew, hehehe.

Garden Girl supplied me and my colleagues with her special mix of condensed milk and spices which transform your standard cup of coffee into Chai Latte. Most excellent and very popular in the office. You may be able to extract the recipe from her if you ask nicely.

Mostly importantly this week, Garden Girl returned to blogland with an excellent blog.

That brings me up to the weekend, which I have off; alas Mrs F is working, our rotas once again conspiring against us. It is a day of chores, the second load of washing is on, the shopping is done and dinner is prepared. A new recipe for baked chicken curry, which is currently marinating in the fridge .

That was this week, next week I am looking forward to, getting the running back on track, reinstating the Wednesday curry night, using my Moleskine reporters notebook, which arrived this morning, and having next Sunday off with my wife.


  1. curry was superb-you did good! Looking forward to date night x

  2. Hello Mr Garden Girl and new blog owner.. and welcome to this strange world of blogging. Do you ever get the feeling you are talking to yourself? Yep? I get it all the time and blogging is just a way of confirming this.. but I for one will really enjoy your blog posts and look forward to the next culinary triumph.
    Michele x